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Joab Garza

Creative / Management


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We have built a strong network of reliability through the devotion of our wonderful advisors and leadership team, we're always open to hire great new talent, email if interested. 🙂
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We're building a universe. We invite other creators to launch their apps with us.

Our metaverse, SignaVerse, will act as the hub for the entire ecosystem, our vision goes well beyond games; we wish to enable creators with the tools to develop an array of apps, smart contracts, and virtual worlds that maximize the potential of the entire ecosystem.

We're seeding the ecosystem with our own game titles, harnessing the power of community to create value: all you have to do as a partner is plug in, and we'll deliver and cultivate the Web3 components for you.

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There are several pieces in motion for Gif Games with three pillars in place to achieve our maximum vision. This will create a sustainable ecosystem for several years to come.


1.) Tezotopia Universe

Tezotopia NFT Presale

The original 300 blocks of land went for sale. Designed by Gif Games and distributed via Kalamint and Tezotopia Marketplace, these were the initial presale pieces that kickstarted Gif Games and funded the LP for Unobtanium.

Tezotopia Marketplace

Our very own marketplace where Tezotopia NFTs could be bought, sold, and traded. This environment provides the basis for the Tezotopia dApp and battle launcher

Yield Farming NFTs

Blocks of land (Tezotops) that produce tokenized resources. Holding a block of land will generate passive 'income' for users to utilize within the game, creating tokens of values that can be used throughout the ecosystem.

Tezotop Builder

Design and launch your unique blocks of land into the Tezotopia universe with the Tezotop builder; players collect artifacts from the marketplace to design and modify their Tezotop to their liking.

Upgradeable NFTs

Tezotops can be upgraded with the creation and introduction of buildings. Players can benefit from the resources they have been gathering and put them to use with the building manager.

Diplomats and Spies Presale

The presale for the Diplomats PFP project that allows players to unlock diplomatic and espionage elements of the real-time strategy game that encompasses the Tezotopia universe.

Tezotopia Battles

The Play 2 Earn element of Tezotopia that allows players to battle for lootboxes and other prizes including Tickets to Mint land.

Direct Challenge Battler

Wager to win! Players will wager UNO in a direct challenge mode where the winner takes 90% of the prize pool, and Gif Games collects 10% for the resource treasury/burning.


The goal of auto-battler is to incorporate all the elements promised to early investors at a much quicker rate, with glyphstones, artillery, and air units all becoming crucial components for battle. We have even considered including diplomats in these battle simulator scenarios. It would take away from the tactical board map, but we're working hard to make the auto-battler feel like a real war-like campaign.

Barracks enabled

Players can create units and begin building up their armies by using Tezotopia resources. Note: Barracks and other military development buildings will find inclusion within the auto-battler.

Diplomats and Spies Integration

The full array of events-based consequences will begin to take shape as diplomatic and espionage functions come into the foray. Users will be allowed to shift courses, create alliances, and impact their neighbors with events they can opt into to play Tezotopia the RTS in its full potential.


A cataclysmic event that occurs allowing players to take their Tezotops through a wormhole and relocate their blocks of land within SignaVerse.

    2.) Seed the Ecosystem: SignaVerse + Other Games

    SignaVerse Marketplace & dApp

    The goal of SignaVerse is to put the ecosystem all under one umbrella, have items from all our game titles be under one marketplace where user can launch games and apps from and explore where they can spend and earn more UNO.

    Shard Swap

    Swap your UNO for UNO Shards, incremental swaps for NFTs that represent UNO shards will be used to place wagers within games, can be traded and swapped back to UNO tokens when players wish to 'cash out' their earnings.

    Partner Collections

    We will be onboarding different partners and games to launch NFT collections on our marketplace. We want to encourage Web2 game developers to do what they do best: build games, and we'll create all the tools possible for them to integrate into a Web3 environment with SignaVerse

    Matterlight Launch

    Matterlight will launch to the public creating additional use cases for the Tezotopia Universe tokens. Matterlight is a trading card game set within the fictional world of Metzopia

    Seed The Ecosystem

    Our partner has a library of Web2 games that will be integrated into the Web3 ecosystem and join the SignaVerse library of games. This partner and others will also be encouraged and onboarded with the necessary resources to make it all possible.

    Lorekin (Solana)

    Another trading card game in the works by Gif Games, we hope to launch a collection within SignaVerse and Solana simultaneously using the tools our community is building to bridge between Tezos & Solana.

    Stargate Population

    Begin populating the SignaVerse map with land from Tezotopia, each block of land will represent 9 parcels of land that players can manipulate, buy, or sale.

    Launch 3D Environment

    Integration with VR and Desktop, SignaVerse will launch two worlds: Mainland and Island In The Sky; both of which players can take advantage of by shaping and exploring.

    Parcel Designer

    Parcel owners can step into designer sandbox mode and use shapes, textures, and artifacts to design their plots of land. They can include their favorite games and apps as well.

    Advertiser Affiliate Program

    Players that own parcels of land can setup digital billboards that live directly in the 3D world.

    Complete integration of mApps

    Meta Apps (mApps) will be completely integrated and developers can use the SDK to launch games, apps, or minigames within SignaVerse with ease.

      3.) mApps SDK: Launch Tooling for Easy 3rd Party Onboarding


      The vision behind mApps is that it will allow third party developers to easily plug into an active ecosystem and gives Web2 developers the ability to integrate into an NFT marketplace, and distirbute NFTs without Web3 development knowledge.

      mApps Onboarding Process

      We'll attain low-hanging fruits across the ecosystem where we can easily integrate ongoing projects willing to join the SignaVerse. As well, begin an outreach mission for indie game developers to start the process of converting them into Web3 devs.

      mApps SDK

      Tooling for developers to integrate their apps, games, or create minigames within SignaVerse. These tools allow them to create apps for the SignaVerse mApp Store.

      Million Dollar Bounty

      Calling all indie game developers! A million dollar bounty will be put out to get the attention of the indie game dev community, allowing them to create games for SignaVerse or integrate their current titles right away. Building on Unity? You can integrate with ease.

      Continuously Seed The Ecosystem

      Working with game development studios to constantly onboard and creating educational tools to help developers launch their games on SignaVerse and receive the maximum benefit of Web3.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        A collection of the most asked questions we receive whenever we do podcasts, AMAs, or generally welcome new people in our chat channels.


        Let's work together on elevating our brands. We're open to cross promotion, AMAs, or integrating your app or game title into SignaVerse. Reach out to us below or directly at